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Are you interseted to explore & learn MongoDB Database in simple and easy ways ?

Learn and explore the NoSQL database with the aid of Badatya's MongoDB certification training course. In order to help you learn how to install MongoDB, model data, build schemas, index data, monitor data, and aggregate data, we provide the most acceptable online and offline classes. The course also provides opportunities to work on actual projects.

About the course

This course covers a lot of material about MongoDB, one of the most popular NoSQL technologies in the Big Data space. The course covers a variety of subjects, such as installing MongoDB, JSON, data modelling, and schema design. Additionally, the foundation for data monitoring, indexing, and aggregation will become sufficiently familiar to you. Working with sizable dispersed data sets makes good use of NoSQL databases. MongoDB is a technology that can manage, store, and retrieve document-oriented information.
The MongoDB Query Language (MQL), created for ease of use by developers, is used by MongoDB. The documentation contrasts the syntax of MQL versus SQL for typical database operations.


Course Structure:

  • A description of the NoSQL database system.
  • A JSON/BSON implementation of data types.
  • NoSQL's use in real-world settings.
  • To learn scalability and availability, use the sharding concept.
  • CRUD operations are used to create schemas.
  • GImplementation of the Stack, Merge, and Strsplit functions.
  • MongoDB-based data management.
  • Database security risk and the security strategy used by MongoDB.
  • Integration of Java and Jaspersoft with MongoDB.
  • Working with log data, video, and other unstructured data.

Some of the most considerable companies in the world utilise MongoDB, a very practical NoSQL database. It may be utilised for data sets like social media, videos, and other data sets because to its adaptability and scalability. You will learn the necessary abilities through this MongoDB certification training course from Badatya to work with NoSQL databases in the finest businesses.

Assigments And Projects:

Learning via projects gives students the chance to see how these characteristics are used in practical settings. Additionally, you may learn more systems languages and gain understanding of the best practises for NoSQL development. Project work related to some of the suggestions given below will be conducted to help you understand the duties commonly required for various MongoDB professions.

  • Content Management System. Clubbing the content assets like text and HTML into a single database helps provide a better user experience.
  • Gaming Project.
  • File Sharing System.
  • Metadata Project.
  • Logging Application.
  • Geospatial Data.
  • Authorization and profiling.
  • Product Catalog.
  • Billing Solution.
  • Finance and Investment Planning.
  • Fetch and Stream Pricing Data.
  • Online Radio Station App.

Growth and opportunity:

As having knowledge of several frameworks won't impact your job in big data. The MongoDB certification assists you in developing your abilities as a Big Data Engineer and significantly advances your career in terms of pay and promotion. Businesses have a strong need for people with MongoDB expertise, and your peers are gaining these skills to stay current. You must progress. Engineers with skills and a keen interest in emerging technologies are sought after by employers.
As it continues to expand, the business has listed flexible employment, including remote and freelance options, for employees with experience in particular professional fields.


How do I become a DBA in MongoDB ?

Get noticed for your proficiency with MongoDB. You should be ready to take the DBA Certification test once you have finished all of your handpicked courses. The MongoDB DBA Certification will offer verification and acknowledgment for your learning abilities at MongoDB University.

How much money do you get for a database administrator ?

In 2020, the median income for database administrators was $98,860. In that year, the top 25 percent accumulated $126,890, while the bottom 25 percent earned $71,900.

What benefits will I get related to my job if I enrol in this program ?

To have a successful career for all the participants is our main concern. For this, we cover all aspects on behalf of which a candidate can shine out of the crowd. We offer you the following services related to your career.

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Help and Support:

  • We provide you 24 / 7 support from our team.
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  • Get study materials and more Case Studies from your respective mentor to get better command of the technology


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