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Information technology Courses

Information technology is a broad subject that is concerned with predominantly all major aspects of gathering, managing and processing information, especially in large scale organisation and companies.

Badatya offers a wide range of IT courses like Artificial Intelligence and also courses on the programming languages required like JAVA, PYTHON, C++, C and C#.


Master the C programming language, which is likely the most versatile and advantageous in today’s industry!


Master the most in demand C++ programming language that will allow you to create operating systems, browsers, games and other applications!


Write once, run anywhere." This was the idea based on which JAVA was designed. Can can be created on any device and is cross-platform!


Master Python, a high-level programming language that is used worldwide for developing and creating websites and machine learning algorithms.


Master the C# programming language and develop a wide range of applications, from games, cloud-based services, websites, mobile & desktop apps, and business software.

Artificial Intelligence

Want to design machines to behave like Humans? Learn Artificial Intelligence to understand how AI can make your life easy and interesting!

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