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Data analysis is all about data manipulation, using various tools to identify patterns, and then using those patterns to help you make the best possible business decisions. A fundamental challenge is how to manage data effectively and efficiently. Take a course in data analysis to expand your skill set.

About The Course

Most of the data we are accustomed to nowadays is in raw form, and a data analyst’s magic is in turning this data into usable knowledge. Data analysis requires several stages to extract patterns from the data, including data mining, data storage, data cleaning, data structuring, data transformation, data remodelling, etc. With the use of these processes, you may gather data in order to make inferences. This course offers a moderate introduction to data analysis ideas, the job of a data analyst, and the tools employed in routine tasks. You will understand the fundamentals of data analysis, including data gathering, data mining, and the data ecosystem.

- Badatya

In this program, we will educate you on how to manage data and create patterns that will aid in the creation of sound business choices. From an untrained applicant, this course will prepare you to become an in-demand data analyst. After completing our in-demand course, you’ll receive a certification that is valid for life and have the opportunity to land a great career. This curriculum teaches data analytics; knowing how to prepare data for analysis and arranging it can help make better business decisions.

7 In-Demand Data Analyst Skills Offered By Badatya:


You will be given tasks to hone your abilities and get an understanding of how things function in the real world. Utilize our specialists’ 24/7 assignment assistance to work on more than 50 case studies and assignments.

Course Structure:

Students who have no initial experience with data analytics but want to pick up these abilities quickly should enrol in this course. The decision-making process of any business or organisation will be enhanced by the skills these students acquire in analysing substantial data sets and finding patterns. They will be able to:

– Work with and analyse big data sets
– Capture, categorise, simplify, normalise, and prepare data for processing after finishing the course.
– Visually convey analyses’ findings to audiences with and without technical backgrounds.
– Apply the most widely used algorithms, which are relevant to the majority of business and management challenges, to make sense of vast volumes of data.
– Gain programming knowledge in R.


These project ideas for data analytics illustrate the duties that are frequently essential to many data analyst professions.


A committed team of placement specialists to assist course graduates in obtaining better jobs. In order to provide jobs for our applicants, BADATYA has partnered with 300+ Companies and offers 100% placement. Associates will go through an in-depth interview with measurements for data analysis.

Growth And Opportunity:

When considering a new job, people frequently prioritise salary ranges. Finding a location’s market value allows you to confirm if learning the skills is beneficial. If you choose a profession in data analysis, you’ll be happy working hard and earning a lot of money. In India, the average yearly salary for data scientists is 13 lakhs.

The research shows that this area pays well regardless of where you stay. We have the information you need if you’re trying to make a career change into data analytics that will require migration or if you’re curious about the national average wage.


Employment Scenario In Data Analytics

Analytics is the methodology of leveraging data to assist businesses in making better decisions. Analysts use predictive analytics, data mining, applied analytics, and statistics to collect and understand information directly relevant to their sector.

Yes, a profession in data analytics is really beneficial. Simply put, working in the data industry has never been a more favourable moment. Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced, and that rate is only increasing.


Functional Designation Of Graduates From Data Analytics Includes:

Here are a few occupations that are interesting to consider, along with their median incomes.

The data analyst acts as the organization’s gatekeeper, ensuring that stakeholders can comprehend the data and apply it to inform strategic business choices. For this technical position, you need to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in analytics, computer modelling, science, or math.


What Is Data Analysis ? Who Is a Data Analytics ?

Data analysis is the systematic application of logical and/or statistical approaches to explain and demonstrate, summarise and assess, and assess data. Data analytics may be defined as the act of examining historical data in order to use insightful information to make proper decisions going forward. Data analysis, on the other hand, aids in analysing the data and offers the necessary historical context to comprehend what has occurred thus far.

Does data analysts have a future ?

You could begin as a data analyst, advance to data scientist status after gaining some expertise, and ultimately become a data advocate. Both in India and overseas, data science provides lucrative job prospects. You might stay in the field of data science or transition into advisory positions in the public or commercial sectors.

What is the payment of a data analyst ?

The average yearly income for a data analyst in India is 4.3 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 1.9 Lakhs to 11.2 Lakhs. Salary projections are based on the 36.6k salaries that Data Analysts have provided.

What are the top algorithms that every data analyst must have command on ?

Data Analysts frequently utilise the following machine learning algorithms:

  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Trees
  • Naive Bayes
  • KNN
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM)
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Principal Component Analysis, and (PCA)

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