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It’s no brainer, website development is an essential part of the business. There’s no better time to learn and accelerate your career than now! It’s a digital-driven world. This course will cover all the designing curriculum in theory, practice and projects. Companies need website developers to make a website for marketing and sales strategy. Mastering the coding skill along with the inner creativity that you have can place you in the best web designing companies. Start your journey by enrolling with us and learning the secret skills of web development! Upon completing the course, you will be packed with knowledge and skills to present to the world.

About The Course

BADATYA offers a complete Web Development course in front-end, back-end, or going fullstack to help you get there. Our Web Development course will cover HTML/CSS/JS, Git and Github, Browser DevTools, API (Application Programming Interface, Authentication, MVC (Model, View, Controller) Programming Languages, Problem Solving and Searching. This course teaches you the art of coding from the scratch and suits students who want to develop their skills. We start by exploring the history of web development, and its importance and examine its theory, practices and principles. It can effectively help you to create amazing engaging websites. You will complete your training with tools in this multicourse specialization designed to jumpstart your career in web development.

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You will get assignments to polish your skills and understand how things work in the Practical World. Work on more than 50 Case studies and Assignments with 24/7 Assignment support from our experts.

Course Structure:

Course curriculum Lesson –
Agile Scrum Foundation
Learn all aspects of back-end technologies by acquiring in-depth skills in SQL, Java servlets, and the relational database ORM with Hibernate. Learn to connect databases with JDBC and gain an understanding of RESTful web services.
Gain an understanding of servlets and basics of SQL including DDL and DML Learn JDBC, JSP, REST, and Hibernate in depth


As part of the projects, you will get real-time projects to guide you into becoming a fullstack web developer. This course will help you with a zodiac web application, book search engine, and social media application from scratch till deployment with a domain name. Some of the projects which will be covered in our course are:

Growth And Opportunity:

There’s a growth of career in this industry, and if you follow a career in web development, you’ll be fulfilled with the pair of significant work and high pay. The average wage for a Web Developer is 10 Lakhs annually in India.
Employment for web developers is projected to grow in the coming years, faster than most digital skilled workers. As a web developer, there’s an opportunity to grow with high earning potential in the market. It is a strong career option for those who are ready to go show their skills and passion for programming or coding.


A dedicated placement team for the participants who completed the course to guide them for better placements. BADATYA offers 100% placement and has tied up with 300+ Companies to Provide Jobs to our candidates. Associates will experience a thorough interview devising measures on Data Science.


How does BADATYA offer job assistance to participants ?
We have a placement team to provide placement assistance to all candidates who have successfully completed the course. For placements, we are tied-up with over 300+ placement partners who will help you in having a successful career. With our placement partners, you can be placed in top MNCs. We also help you in building an interactive resume that will cover all your skills with high weightage.
What benefits will I get related to my job if I enroll in this program ?
To have a successful career for all the participants is our main concern. For this, we cover all aspects on behalf of which a candidate can shine out of the crowd. We offer you the following services related to your career-
RESUME BUILDING – We help you in building an interactive and unique resume with your outstanding skills.
INTERVIEW PREP – we provide you mock interviews to get you prepared for interviews as per MNCs standards.
PROFILE ENHANCEMENT – We will help you in the enhancement of job profiles like Linkedin,, etc.
GUARANTEED JOBS – We provide you job guarantee as we have 300+ placement partners who need skilled candidates in their organizations.

Help And Support:


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