Cisco Certified Network Associate, Abbreviated As CCNA Is A Certificate Course Offered By CISCO.

Cisco Certified Network Associate, abbreviated as CCNA is a certificate course offered by CISCO, a giant in the networking industry. It is the second and most popular in the five series offered by CISCO, a level below CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) and a level above CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician).

CCNA is essentially meant to evaluate and improve the networking knowledge of the learners. This certificate course validates the holder’s ability at installing, securing, operating and troubleshooting any issue within an enterprises network.

About The Course

BADATYA offers a CCNA Certification course to help you master the principles of networking, IP services, security, automation, and programmability. Your CCNA certification demonstrates your ability to operate in the ever-evolving IT environment. The CCNA certification, created for flexibility and agility, shall attest to your proficiency in managing and optimizing today’s most sophisticated networks.
Under BADATYA offered CCNA course you shall gain practical knowledge in a variety of networking devices and tools, broadcast, learn how to verify switch configurations, boot processes of CISCO IOS routers and more. A wide range of topics ranging from security and network fundamentals, IP connectivity, programmability and automation will be covered. By earning a certification, you demonstrate the caliber and rigor, companies see as essential for meeting and exceeding market needs.

- Badatya

The Fundamental Abilities You Will Learn Are:

A course-based certification called CCNA is intended to teach the most fundamental networking skills. It also covers the maintenance and setup of small- to medium-sized businesses


Students get a fundamental understanding of the CCNA course through this course. The following tasks are required from students:

1.   Address Resolution Protocol (ARP):

2.   Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP):

3.   Spanning Tree Protocol (STP):

4.   Secure Shell (SSH) and Telnet:

5.   Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP):

6.   Open Shortest Path First (OSPF):

7.   TCP and UDP protocol:

8.   TCP Transmission Control Protocol: 3-way handshake image is inserted:

9.   User Datagram Protocol (UDP):

10.   HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP):

11.   IEEE 802.1Q:

12.   DTP Dynamic Trunking Protocol:

13.   SNMP- Simple Network Management Protocol:

Course Structure:

Candidates who are sincerely interested in networking can enrol in higher level or advanced courses like CCNP after completing the CCNA CERTIFICATE course. Through this course, you may get valuable knowledge about the fundamentals of networking. Additionally, you will develop the knowledge and abilities necessary to configure switched and routed networks, which will greatly expand your career options in the IT industry. There are eight formats for the course, which are listed below:


The CCNA projects are perfect for audience members who are enrolled in or have finished the course and want to obtain practical experience. The projects are designed to mimic real-world situations using CCNA ideas.

Growth, Opportunity And Employment Scenarios:

Following the CCNA training, a job may be lucrative. The CCNA course provides a solid basis for an IT profession, and it may be furthered in any way. Students who complete the course get knowledge of the most recent networking technologies, software development techniques, and job-role-specific training. The job outlook for IT networking specialists with a cert like CCNA is expected to increase by 8% through 2024. This is due to a rise in the corporate business world’s use of networking technology and cloud-based solutions.

Functional Designations:

Functional designations in CCNA in India are as follow:


A dedicated placement team for the participants who completed the course to guide them for better placements. BADATYA offers 100% placement and has tied up with 300+ Companies to Provide Jobs to our candidates. Associates will experience a thorough interview devising measures on Data Science.


What job profiles/designation pay the most in CCNA ?
Professionals that are Cisco certified network associates are capable of managing Cisco gear, troubleshooting Cisco hardware and software problems, and configuring Cisco networks. The CCNA Certification has several advantages, including boosting your abilities and broadening the kinds of vocations you are eligible for.
The following are the average salaries for CCNA professionals in various positions:

• Information technology (IT) manager – ₹10-15 Lakhs.

• Network engineer – ₹5-7 Lakhs.

• Systems engineer (computer networking/IT) – ₹5 Lakhs

• Systems administrator – ₹5 Lakhs.

• Network administrator – ₹4-6 Lakhs

Extrapolate if the CCNA is the right fit for you !
Is the CCNA a good fit for you then? Highly qualified people are in great demand to manage and secure the infrastructures businesses and organizations depend on daily as enterprises continue to increase network resilience.
The CCNA certification makes sense as a way to assess and confirm your core understanding of the most recent networking technologies, security, automation, and programmability abilities.
What benefits will I get related to my job if I enrol in this program ?
To have a successful career for all the participants is our main concern. For this, we cover all aspects on behalf of which a candidate can shine out of the crowd. We offer you the following services related to your career-
RESUME BUILDING – We help you in building an interactive and unique resume with your outstanding skills.
INTERVIEW PREP – we provide you mock interviews to get you prepared for interviews as per MNCs standards.
PROFILE ENHANCEMENT – We will help you in the enhancement of job profiles like Linkedin,, etc.
GUARANTEED JOBS – We provide you job guarantee as we have 300+ placement partners who need skilled candidates in their organizations.

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